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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishirrelevantir‧rel‧e‧vant /ɪˈreləvənt/ ●●○ AWL adjective  CONNECTED WITHnot useful or not relating to a particular situation, and therefore not important opp relevant We’re focussing too much on irrelevant details. Students viewed Latin as boring and irrelevant.largely/totally/completely etc irrelevant His age is completely irrelevant if he can do the job.irrelevant to The defendant’s lawyer argued that his past offenses were irrelevant to this case.irrelevantly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
irrelevant"But I didn't know it was illegal to park here.'' "That's completely irrelevant.''That the environment is not animate enough to want to communicate with us is irrelevant.This is not to say that power in organizations has become so diffuse and fleeting that it is irrelevant.Most Contemporaries will not make the transition; they will merely become dated and irrelevant and will eventually go out of print.What is striking about these undoubtedly well-meaning suggestions is how irrelevant most are to the actual crisis of transmission.The proposals in this Gracious Speech are either irrelevant or positively damaging to the raising of school standards.Chris continued to annoy her with questions on totally irrelevant subjects.To many young people, the church seems outdated and irrelevant to modern times.Reinforced concrete is an example, and is not as irrelevant to motorised transport as you might think.It is irrelevant to the Purchaser whether or not the Vendors know the warranties are right or wrong so long as they accept the risk.irrelevant toHer comments seemed irrelevant to the real issue.
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