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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishirreparableir‧rep‧a‧ra‧ble /ɪˈrepərəbəl/ adjective written  REPAIRirreparable damage, harm etc is so bad that it can never be repaired or made better Extensive mining will cause irreparable damage to the area.irreparably adverb
Examples from the Corpus
irreparableBut the damage to his eyes was irreparable.If the team loses to Berkeley tonight, a team below the Ducks in the Pac-10, the damage will be irreparable.The situation is dire, but not yet irreparable.The forest suffered irreparable damage as a result of last year's fire.No doubt she would be doing the cycle irreparable damage, but the urge to ride it was too strong to be denied.These attacks have inflicted widespread and in some cases irreparable damage in preparation for the ground offensive.Why should his death, however tragic, threaten irreparable damage to an institutional structure of such proven strength?The explosion caused irreparable damage to several buildings.Boxing can cause irreparable damage to the brain.However, the didactic goal usually does irreparable harm to the characterization of the dramatis personae.
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