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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishirrevocableir‧rev‧o‧ca‧ble /ɪˈrevəkəbəl/ adjective  CHANGE/MAKE something DIFFERENTan irrevocable decision, action etc cannot be changed or stopped Think about the situation carefully before you take an irrevocable step.irrevocably adverb machines that irrevocably changed the pattern of rural life
Examples from the Corpus
irrevocableHer decision was immediate and irrevocable.Although the wife was in desertion, nevertheless it must be remembered that desertion is never irrevocable.The process, it would seem, is not yet irrevocable.Old age was a phase of irrevocable and inevitable decline.I posted the letter, then realized that what I had done was irrevocable, and that I couldn't change my mind now.Provision must be made for the irrevocable emergency destruction of stored, undelivered messages, where necessary and when needed.Following consolidation, farmers would have irrevocable freehold tenure to their land.There were marches and fires and fistfights, and an irrevocable taking of sides.
From Longman Business Dictionaryirrevocableir‧rev‧o‧ca‧ble /ɪˈrevəkəbəl/ adjective impossible to change or stopThe harm he had caused was substantial and irrevocable.
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