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irritatedir‧ri‧tat‧ed /ˈɪrɪteɪtɪd/ ●●○ adjective  1 MIHURT/CAUSE PAINfeeling annoyed and impatient about somethingirritated about/at/with/by John was getting irritated by all her questions.see thesaurus at angry2 ANNOYpainful and sore Her throat and eyes were irritated.
Examples from the Corpus
irritatedHer skin looked really irritated.For a moment Bill is irritated.The teacher was clearly irritated at having his class interrupted.But sometimes the sciatic nerve can become irritated by a lack of blood supply.Mr Venables was overseeing the bran-bin, frowning Like an irritated camel.Margot gets irritated if people leave dirty dishes in the sink.There are expectant miaows when tin-opener noises are detected and irritated miaows when some fixed routine has been disregarded.Teachers get irritated, of course they do, their elaborate and expensive training courses not withstanding.Paul's was irritated with the children because he was tired.irritated about/at/with/byHowever, in recent years Conservative ministers have been irritated by a steady trickle of government defeats in the Upper House.You won't be irritated by a steering wheel which writhes slightly between your hands as you accelerate.Dorset gentry were irritated at Dorchester folk's disregard of their social superiors; national politics brought disaster.Phoebe was now wide awake again and irritated with herself.Now he was irritated with himself for making such a stupid comment.Manet was irritated with his friends Monet and Degas when they decided to exhibit elsewhere than the official Salon.The man was too irritated at Lois right now.I think she is a little irritated at needing to be worried.More and more, I had become irritated by the friendly presence of the old people at the table.
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