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ISDNISDN /ˌaɪ es diː ˈen/ noun [uncountable]  (Integrated Services Digital Network) a system that is used to send computer information at very high speed along an electronic wire similar to a telephone line
Examples from the Corpus
ISDNThe venture aims to provide service for applications resulting from the merging of telecommunications and computing technologies, such as ISDN and viewdata.But unlike existing ISDN service, the new technology splits off the data traffic and routes it through a separate data network.Face to face Videoconferencing has always been touted as a major use for ISDN.They have built-in ISDN and 16-bit audio.Alternatively, an internal ISDN card can be used for most desktop computers.Monthly ISDN charges are usually higher than fees for regular phone service, depending on the phone company and state regulators.A major benefit of ISDN is that it is a dial-up service, just like the ordinary phone network.The technical details of ISDN are as follows.
From Longman Business DictionaryISDNISDN noun [uncountable] COMPUTING Integrated Services Digital Network; a system that allows computer information to be sent at extremely high speeds along an electronic wire similar to a telephone lineThese companies have made big capital investments in ISDN.an ISDN telephone line
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