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-ish-ish /ΙͺΚƒ/ suffix πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 [in nouns]SAN the people or language of a particular country or place πŸ”Š Are the British unfriendly? πŸ”Š learning to speak Turkish πŸ”Š She’s Swedish.2 [in adjectives]SAN of a particular place πŸ”Š Spanish food (=from Spain)3 [in adjectives]TYPICAL typical of or like a particular type of person πŸ”Š foolish behaviour (=typical of a fool) πŸ”Š Don’t be so childish! (=do not behave like a child) πŸ”Š snobbish4 [in adjectives]DISAPPROVE the ending of some adjectives that show disapproval πŸ”Š selfish5 [in adjectives]SMALL rather syn quite πŸ”Š youngish (=not very young, but not old either) πŸ”Š tallish πŸ”Š reddish hair6 [in adjectives] spokenAPPROXIMATELY approximately πŸ”Š We’ll expect you around eightish (=at about eight o'clock). πŸ”Š He’s fortyish (=about 40 years old).
Examples from the Corpus
-ishβ€’ childishβ€’ foolish behaviorβ€’ Jewish traditionsβ€’ the Amish peopleβ€’ the British
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