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islanderis‧land‧er /ˈaɪləndə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  SANPERSON/PEOPLEsomeone who lives on an island
Examples from the Corpus
islanderHow the first Kit Everard won the love of an islander and how she saved him and his brave band of pioneers.The vet, old Percy, was an islander, a Volunteer.The first was hostile, but by the second meeting the islanders were more welcoming.The majority of the islanders lived at subsistence level.Britain still faces the prospect of hefty payments in compensation to the islanders.Alas, to win a prize means having luck as well, and these islanders did not have it.They returned six years later and purchased a corrugated zinc dwelling, and with their two sons became part-time islanders.
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