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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishiso-iso- /aɪsəʊ, -sə $ -soʊ, -sə/ prefix technical SAMEthe same all through or in every part syn equal an isotherm (=line joining places of equal temperature)
Examples from the Corpus
iso-an isosceles triangle
ISOISO /ˌaɪ es ˈəʊ/ trademark  (International Standards Organization) an international organization which sets standards for the size, shape, and technical features of industrial goods, electrical products etc. ISO has members in more than 70 countries. Its full name is the International Organization for Standardization.From Longman Business DictionaryISOISO /ˌaɪ es ˈəʊ, ˈaɪsəʊ-oʊ/ noun1COMMERCEORGANIZATIONSthe name used internationally for the International Organization for Standardization, whose purpose is to establish international standards for services, goods and industrial methods2ISO 9000COMMERCE the ISO’s quality standard for companies producing goodsThe process of qualifying for ISO 9000 will improve organizations’ quality systems.3ISO 9001/9002COMMERCE the ISO’s quality standards for companies providing servicesThe bank’s clearing system was the first in the world to be awarded an ISO 9002 certificate.4ISO 14000COMMERCE the ISO’s quality standard for subjects relating to the environment and RECYCLING (=using materials more than once)
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