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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English-ist-ist /Ιͺst/ suffix πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 [in nouns]BELIEVE someone who believes in a particular religion or set of principles or ideas πŸ”Š a Buddhist πŸ”Š an atheist πŸ”Š a Scottish Nationalist2 [in adjectives]BELIEVE relating to or showing a particular political or religious belief πŸ”Š her socialist views πŸ”Š rightist parties (=political parties with right-wing opinions)3 [in nouns]STUDY someone who studies a particular subject, plays a particular instrument, or does a particular type of work πŸ”Š a linguist (=someone who studies or learns languages) πŸ”Š a novelist (=someone who writes novels) πŸ”Š a guitarist (=someone who plays the guitar) πŸ”Š a machinist (=someone who operates a machine) β†’ -ologist4 [in adjectives]XX treating people unfairly because of something πŸ”Š a very sexist remark (=making unfair differences between men and women)5 [in nouns]XX someone who treats people unfairly because of something πŸ”Š They’re a bunch of racists.
Examples from the Corpus
-istβ€’ a Baptistβ€’ an Impressionist painterβ€’ her feminist viewsβ€’ Marxist theoryβ€’ the Communist party
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