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it is arguable that

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishit is arguable thatit is arguable thatused in order to give good reasons why something might be true It’s arguable that the legislation has had little effect on young people’s behaviour. arguable
Examples from the Corpus
it is arguable thatSome tragedy consoles, after all, and it is arguable that some of its consolations are facile and false.Indeed, it is arguable that the different speeds of financial liberalisation are a prime cause of world trade and savings imbalances.This is no semantic nicety; rather, it is arguable that the distinction reveals something of their political specificities.And it is arguable that the mine closures were a blessing, not the disaster which Susanna Rance seems to suggest.Thus it is arguable that the traditions of the Comptroller's Department do not fit the task of examining commercial accounts.These were the critical years, but it is arguable that this was the critical place.Also, it is arguable that too much attention had been focused upon the spectacular and exciting youths.
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