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it rains

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishit rainsit rainsif it rains, drops of water fall from clouds in the sky Outside it was still raining. It’s starting to rain.rain heavily/hard It must have rained quite hard last night.it’s raining cats and dogs spoken (=it is raining very hard) rain
Examples from the Corpus
it rainsBut the next day it rains.They have a low, vaulted ceiling and damp, grimy walls which run with water when it rains.Water gushes through the roof when it rains.It's such a clich, but boy, it sure seems like it rains every year.He says the sun will only shine on him if it rains for at least a month.If it rains, the programme will be aerobics, papiermâché mask making, craft work and painting etc.If it rains, there will be aerobics and make up morning, followed by indoor cycling proficiency.It is a city more in tune with outdoor recreation than cultural institutions, but it rains there.
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