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it’s a case of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishit’s a case of somethingit’s a case of somethingspokenTRUE used before describing a situation Everyone can learn, it’s just a case of practising. It’s a case of too many people and not enough jobs. case
Examples from the Corpus
it’s a case of somethingIt's a case of pushing the float up until it holds and doesn't drag under.But it's a case of when you're down, anything goes.Police say they're almost certain it's a case of murder followed by suicide.Clearly it's a case of the further the distance, the better Captain Dibble gets.Maybe it's a case of all these important people getting free drinks in the George Best Suite after the match.Really it's a case of head versus heart.I think it's a case of what we have, we hold.Overall, though, it's a case of spreading a good idea a little too thinly this time around.
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