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it’s about time

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishit’s about timeit’s about time (also it’s high time) spoken used to say strongly that you think something should happen soon or should already have happened It’s about time our team won. It’s high time we had a party. time
Examples from the Corpus
it’s about timeA case of bread and circuses, and it's about time some one said it for the rave generation.But it isn't, and it's about time the public knew that.I was hoping there was, cos it's about time I got back home - it's getting pretty late.All we can say is, it's about time!I think it's about time I went back home.But I was thinking it's about time we got back to Nurse's house."Joey's home." "Well, it's about time."Yes, it's about time that was stopped.
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