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it’s all go

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishit’s all goit’s all gospoken used to say that a situation is very busy and full of activity It was all go from 8.00 until we finished at 5.00. all goit’s all goit’s all goBritish English spokenBUSY PLACE it is very busy It’s all go around here. It’s all go in the commercial property market. go
Examples from the Corpus
it’s all goIt's all gone very quiet over there!Better to accept it's all gone.But now they're here it's all going splendidly.Now it's all gone quiet.It can't be helped ... Together for an instant and then smash it's all gone still its worth it.So it's all going to go ahead as per the script.But it is starting to look as though it's all going sour.Yes, it's all go on the rumour exchange and let me stress that these are but a few of the juiciest.
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