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it’s bad enough ...

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishit’s bad enough ...it’s bad enough ...DIFFICULT spoken used to say that you already have one problem, so that you do not want to worry about or deal with another one It’s bad enough having to bring up three kids on your own, without having to worry about money as well! bad
Examples from the Corpus
it’s bad enough ...It's bad enough being paranoid, let alone telling everyone about it.It's bad enough being stuck in here without our not getting on as well.It's bad enough for me, imagine living abroad.It's bad enough having a seriously ill child without all having to be split up.It's bad enough looking through the new sections and the main articles and seeing nothing mentioned less than E4,6b.It's bad enough now, but it must have been really something when it was occupied.It's bad enough that Timothy's mooning over her like a schoolboy, wet behind the ears.It's bad enough trying to fly with unequal line lengths; having an asymmetric kite can be most frustrating!
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