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it’s no use doing something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishit’s no use doing somethingit’s no use doing somethingspokenPOINTLESS used to tell someone not to do something because it will have no effect It’s no use complaining. use
Examples from the Corpus
it’s no use doing somethingIt's no use complaining - you just need to take the test again later.But it's no use running away from it.He says it's no use having a ban if it can't be enforced.I've telephoned everyone I can think of, but it's no use.I can buy the best legal brains in the business, so it's no use your fighting.I said to him, Listen, George, it's no use living in the past.No, it's no use protesting!On the open road, it's no use pretending that the Bentley handles with the agility of a Porsche.
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