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it’s not as if

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishit’s not as ifit’s not as ifUNTRUEused to say that something cannot be the explanation for a situation or someone’s behaviour because it is not true Why do they never go on holiday? I mean it’s not as if they’re poor, is it? I don’t know why you’re so frightened of her - it’s not as if she’s got any power over you. as
Examples from the Corpus
it’s not as ifIt's not as if I have a sister or brother to worry about.It's not as if I haven't got any.And it's not as if I've gone off it within myself.It's not as if I worked for a large network news show.Plus, it's not as if the Barn Burners, Helm's current band, is a household name.It's not as if there was a stash of notes that he could extort from Stone and take away with him.It's not as if we're like bus drivers or air traffic controllers.
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