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(it’s) the business

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English(it’s) the business(it’s) the businessGOOD/EXCELLENT British English informal used to say that something is very good or works well Have you seen David’s new car? It’s the business! business
Examples from the Corpus
(it’s) the businessThe business is effectively recession proof, if anything it probably does better when times are hard.The proceeds will be used to fund research and development and to expand the business.Richard Sackville of Buckhurst, in the business of making shot, was a major landowner with 200 marks a year.In the business world, it is felt that this is the degree of flexibility that is required.Melrose Petroleum is the general partner and manages the business.If the receipt is distributed to shareholders as dividends then the capital base of the business has been eroded.A company owned and run by Mr and Mrs Bunch carried on the business of purchase and resale of bulk butter.He ran the business part time until last January.
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