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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishitalicsi‧tal‧ics /ɪˈtælɪks/ noun [plural]  TCNa type of printed letters that lean to the right, often used to emphasize particular wordsin italics This example is written in italics.italic adjective italic script roman
Examples from the Corpus
italicsThe parallelisms are reinforced by frequent alliteration, indicated by italics.Roman type which has vertical stems as distinct from italics or oblique which are set at angles.The information in italics is for your guidance only.Finally, quotes, simply by being embraced by quotation marks or set in italics, will attract your readers.Underlining: Never underline in a release as this is a printing instruction to set in italics.The Resource Management Initiative-which impacts primarily at Unit level - is shown in italics.It is customary to print foreign words in italics, so that the name of an organism is usually underlined or italicised.
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