Date: 1500-1600
Language: Latin
Origin: 'in the same way, also' (used to introduce things in a list), from ita 'in this way'


i‧tem W1
1 [countable] a single thing, especially one thing in a list, group, or set of things:
He opened the cardboard box and took out each item.
The store is having a sale on furniture and household items.
item on the agenda/list/menu
We went on to the next item on the agenda.
item of clothing/furniture/jewellery etc (=a single piece of clothing, furniture, jewellery etc)
luxury items such as exotic spices and perfumes
The original 1965 bottle is now a collector's item (=one of a set of objects people like to collect because they are interesting or valuable).
2 [countable] a single, usually short, piece of news in a newspaper or magazine, or on television:
I also saw that news item in the Sunday Times.

be an item

informal if two people are an item, they are having a romantic or sexual relationship

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