it‧self S1 W1 [reflexive form of 'it']
1XX used to show that a thing, organization, animal, or baby that does something is affected by its own action:
The cat lay on the sofa, washing itself.
The machine switches itself off when the process is complete.
a small local enterprise that has transformed itself into a highly successful company
2 used to emphasize that you are talking about one particular thing, organization etc:
We've checked the wiring so the problem may be the television itself.

in/of itself

considered separately from any other facts:
There is a slight infection in the lung which in itself is not serious.

(all) by itself

a) alone:
Will the dog be safe left in the car by itself?
b) without help or without a person making it work:
The door seemed to open all by itself.

(all) to itself

not shared with other things:
This idea deserves a chapter to itself.

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