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Ivy League, the

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Ivy League, thethe Ivy LeagueˈIvy ˌLeague, the  SECa group of eight old and respected universities in the northeastern USOxbridgeIvy League adjective an Ivy League college
Examples from the Corpus
Ivy League, theFor those out to win an Ivy League or equivalent place, competition is stiff.Harvard in the thick of the Ivy League title chase?High-tech in fabrics and zippers, they can look polished and preppy in Ivy League colors, or slouchy and casual.My brother was crushed when he was not accepted into an Ivy League school.What sophisticated Ivy League undergrad wants such a body?While still in his middle twenties, he was offered a teaching position at an Ivy League university.Gordon looked somewhat Ivy League, with raffish touches that dated from the early 1970s.
From Longman Business DictionaryIvy LeagueˈIvy ˌLeague adjective connected with a group of old and respected universities in the eastern USan Ivy League college
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