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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English-ize-ize (also -ise British English) /aɪz/ suffix [in verbs]  1 MOVE/CHANGE POSITIONto make something have more of a particular quality We need to modernize our procedures. (=make them more modern) Americanized spelling (=spelling made more American) privatized transport (=bus or train services that are owned and operated by private companies)2 CHANGE FROM ONE THING TO ANOTHERto change something to something else, or be changed to something else The liquid crystallized (=turned into crystals).3 SAY/STATEto speak or think in the way mentioned to soliloquize (=speak a soliloquy, to yourself) I sat and listened to him sermonizing (=speaking solemnly, as if in a sermon).4 PUTto put into a particular place She was hospitalized after the accident.
Examples from the Corpus
-izehis endless sermonizing
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