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Kevorkian, Jack

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishKevorkian, JackJack KevorkianKe‧vor‧ki‧an, Jack /kəˈvɔːkiən $ kəˈvɔːr-/  (1928-2011) an Armenian-American doctor who supported the right of people with terminal illnesses (=illnesses that cannot be cured) to die with the help of a doctor. He claimed to have helped at least 130 people to die in this way (known as assisted suicide). In 1999 he was sent to prison for second-degree murder after helping a man called Thomas Youk with Lou Gehrig’s disease to kill himself. He was released in 2007. He is famous for saying “Dying is not a crime” and in the media he was sometimes called Dr Death. His full name was Jacob Kervorkian.
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