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jackaljack‧al /ˈdʒækɔːl, -kəl $ -kəl/ noun [countable]  HBAa wild animal like a dog that lives in Asia and Africa and eats the remaining parts of dead animals
Examples from the Corpus
jackalCareful historians, incidentally, warn us that it could not be a fox, but must have been a jackal.Gustave washed his face in a canvas pail; a jackal howled; he smoked a pipe.And Urien follows him still, brother jackals, playing at being lions.Relieved to have grass underfoot silencing his blithe escape, Laverne glances back with all the charm of a lowly jackal.the jackals of Wall StreetThe jackal as Anubis presided over mummification and was lord and protector of cemeteries.
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