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jackrabbitjack‧rab‧bit /ˈdʒækˌræbɪt/ noun [countable]  HBAa large North American hare (=animal like a large rabbit) with very long ears
Examples from the Corpus
jackrabbitSuddenly a jackrabbit ran across in front of them.Within another ten paces, I scared up two additional jackrabbits, both of which ran downwind and out of sight.Clearly made to be all jackrabbit starts and pounce, lions can not sustain high speeds for long.The herds of buffalo had vanished, and the only creatures appearing in numbers were rattlesnakes and jackrabbits.Huge jackrabbits bob through the scrub and foot4ong snakes cross the dirt roads.Alert, she stalked the jackrabbit, her stiletto poised for a deft jab.I remember hot, still electric-storm afternoons when jackrabbits ran under Diesel truck wheels.
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