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JacobiteJac‧o‧bite /ˈdʒækəbaɪt/ noun [countable]  SHsomeone in the 17th or 18th centuries who supported King James II of England and wanted one of his descendants to rule EnglandJacobite adjective
Examples from the Corpus
JacobiteHowever, only a few Nonjurors became active Jacobites, in the sense of being agents or conspirators.The Whigs were low churchmen and Hanoverians, the Tories high churchmen and Jacobites.Not until 1717 did he appear in print, with a grand jury charge denouncing Jacobites.The view that Anne was a sentimental Jacobite who secretly wished her brother-in-law to succeed her has now been debunked as myth.Boswell failed to see beyond the Gael, the Jacobite.There were some people who might show sympathy towards the Jacobites even though they were not Jacobites themselves.The Jacobites had drawn first blood and totally defeated a regular force sent against them.The Jacobites in fact opted for Crossford, where they repaired the bridge, and on 1 December marched on to Macclesfield.
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