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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjadedja‧ded /ˈdʒeɪdɪd/ adjective  FED UPsomeone who is jaded is no longer interested in or excited by something, usually because they have experienced too much of it The concert should satisfy even the most jaded critic.
Examples from the Corpus
jadedAfter two years of the same routine I was feeling jaded.Mick Jagger arrived at the airport looking jaded after almost a year of touring.She felt jaded and in need of emotional uplift.New York musicians are jaded and tough.I felt like a jaded casting director as I banished him to the wastepaper bin.Its vistas leave a warm and timeless imprint on even the most jaded memory.In Sly's jaded mood she seemed to be a living embodiment of freshness and vitality.His limpid style and flashes of wit overcame Labour heckling, tickled the press and brought a smile to jaded Tory backbenchers.The beauty of St. Petersburg will impress even the most jaded tourist.
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