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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjam-packedˌjam-ˈpacked adjective [not before noun] informal  FULLfull of people or things syn crowdedjam-packed with The place was jam-packed with tourists.
Examples from the Corpus
jam-packedHowever, all the cars were already jam-packed and had skis strapped in every imaginable position.This town, is a bustling holiday resort with a large, busy harbour and a jam-packed beach.We leave the boma which is jam-packed, seething with cattle.Communications were no doubt temporarily dislocated: our jam-packed train had been halted during the night owing to an air raid in the region.As with all Dizzy games, Crystal Kingdom is jam-packed with perplexing puzzles to solve.I got to the chemist five minutes before closing time and the place was jam-packed with the elderly and respectable.jam-packed withGloria's closet is jam-packed with designer clothes.
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