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jambjamb /dʒæm/ noun [countable]  DHHa post that forms the side of a door or window
Examples from the Corpus
jambI stayed in the one house left standing, a guest house in a ghost town of cracked jambs and gaping doorways.The sides, or jambs, must also be straight, plumb and square with the sill.I went up to the mystery door and slid my strip of steel between it and the jamb.She pushed her shoulder away from the jamb and turned and slip-slopped across the hare study floor.Anne tried to get her fingers into the jamb, but could not.A tall, drunk-looking woman in a red jump-suit swayed in the doorway. holding on to the outside of the jamb.Kirov waited patiently for several minutes before the door created open and Zhukov's bearded face peered round the jamb.
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