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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjammedjammed /dʒæmd/ adjective [not before noun]  1 MOVE/CHANGE POSITIONstuck and impossible to move Ben had got his finger jammed in the door.2 FULLfull of people or things syn packed The place is jammed. We’ll never get in.jammed with The town was completely jammed with traffic. jam-packed3 if people are jammed in a place, there are a lot of them there, so that there is no space between them We were jammed together, shoulder to shoulder, in the narrow corridor.
Examples from the Corpus
jammedEmergency supply pump No. 2 jammed.The stupid lock's jammed again.The place was already jammed an hour before the game.Colin gave the wrong advice about getting floppy disc out when jammed and then I deleted the stuff off the hard disc.It has reverse action which is basically used for removing debris and jammed drill bits.The drawer's jammed - I can't get it open.The paper has got jammed in the printer again.The guards have gone and all the doors are jammed open.Never use the jammed rope as your sole support when climbing back up.The door stayed jammed shut, and he didn't shout back or answer her in any way.His left arm was jammed tight against the side of the seat.The streets were jammed tight with narrow shop fronts and grimy cafés.
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