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jargonjar‧gon /ˈdʒɑːɡən $ ˈdʒɑːrɡən, -ɡɑːn/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  LANGUAGEwords and expressions used in a particular profession or by a particular group of people, which are difficult for other people to understand – often used to show disapprovalargot Keep it simple and avoid the use of jargon.technical/scientific/legal/medical etc jargon documents full of legal jargonsee thesaurus at word
Examples from the Corpus
jargonIn addition, coworkers may be as caught up in the company jargon as you are.It is protected from public scrutiny by the technicality of its jargon.I hate all this management jargon about 'upskilling' and 'downsizing'.military jargonWhen you first learn about computers, there is a whole lot of jargon to understand.And he was the creator of a new police jargon.Make certain that ideas are clearly delineated and most of all, avoid the use of professional jargon.They kept details of programs in their heads, and always explained procedures in highly technical jargon.I love their daring, their looks, their jargon, and what they have in mind.Many of us find it hard to navigate this jargon.From the outset a policy was adopted which aimed at eliminating unnecessary jargon and the mystique normally associated with computers.technical/scientific/legal/medical etc jargonSophisticated equipment, white coats and medical jargon serve to make most lay people feel ignorant and less important.They kept details of programs in their heads, and always explained procedures in highly technical jargon.All they have to do is to hold out against substandard systems and apply pragmatic criteria in the face of technical jargon.A major obstacle to understanding is the use of technical jargon which is unintelligible to the buyer.Using legal or scientific jargon to dazzle.Critics of legal drafting often complain that lawyers are fond of using legal jargon.The managers spoke in cryptic, allusive utterances, using technical jargon that was opaque to her.There was more, but it was technical jargon about his physique, state of health, last known meal and so on.
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