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jaundicejaun‧dice /ˈdʒɔːndɪs $ ˈdʒɒːn-, ˈdʒɑːn-/ noun [uncountable]  MIa medical condition in which your skin and the white part of your eyes become yellow
Examples from the Corpus
jaundiceYou probably realised she's a severe case of portal cirrhosis, with ascites and jaundice.Symptoms include fatigue, fever, nausea, jaundice and dark urine, although some people never manifest symptoms.Disorders that follow this type of course are acute hemolytic anemia, chronic hemolytic anemia, and neonatal jaundice.Elevated alkaline phosphatase is associated with liver disease and with both obstructive jaundice and intrahepatic jaundice.Since then these stents have been used in bile ducts for malignant obstructive jaundice and are placed either percutaneously or endoscopically.Patients presenting with obstructive jaundice caused by bile duct stricture may be managed by either surgery or stenting.Neonatal physiologic jaundice due to an enzyme deficiency is hepatic in origin.These included five reported deaths with jaundice in Northern Ireland.
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