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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjauntjaunt /dʒɔːnt $ dʒɒːnt, dʒɑːnt/ noun [countable]  HOLIDAYa short trip for pleasure a weekend jaunt
Examples from the Corpus
jauntThis lunch-hour world tour ends with a jaunt to Baja.And that's all we brought back from this expensive jaunt of ours, boy.Again, I hear the smack of collusion between Johnson and Boswell in their separate accounts of their Highland jaunt.You know, a little jaunt to break the monotony.Miss Earhart had visited my home and while there, we decided to take a little jaunt.He could not afford too many jaunts like this - especially as his father had been less than joyful at his return.Tyros get kick-started by taking shoeless jaunts around their house, back yard and neighborhood before hitting the trail.
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