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Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishIngres, Jean Auguste DominiqueJean Auguste Dominique IngresIn‧gres, Jean Au‧guste Dom‧i‧nique /ˈæŋɡrə, ʒɒn ˈəʊɡjuːst ˈdɒməniːk $ ʒɑːn əʊˈɡjuːst dɑːməˈniːk/  (1780–1867) a French painter and leader of the neoclassical school (=artists who copied the style of ancient Greece and Rome). He is known for his portraits (=paintings of real people) and for his nudes (=paintings of people, mostly women, without clothes) such as Turkish Women at the Bath.
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