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jelliedjel‧lied /ˈdʒelid/ adjective [only before noun]  especially British EnglishDF cooked or served in jelly jellied eels
Examples from the Corpus
jelliedAdd diced shallots to the vinaigrette and it becomes a sauce for a jellied boeuf àlamode or an oxtail terrine.jellied cranberry sauceMany remember eating jellied eels - still on the menu, along with eels and mash - with their parents.We all know what happens when jellied gravy and sediment is left at the bottom of a bowl of dripping or lard.This time the curled metal merely came away with jellied lumps of vitreous humour sticking to it.We were anticipating the jellied meat and the sweet preserves, we were ravenously hungry.The liquid and jellied remains stand, mute witnesses to a post-apocalyptic performance.She touched the jellied space in her mouth and found a drop of blood like a shiny ladybird resting on her finger.
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