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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjeopardyjeop‧ar‧dy /ˈdʒepədi $ -ər-/ noun   in jeopardy
Examples from the Corpus
jeopardyIt would put his career at risk, but that was already in jeopardy, so what had he to lose?Yet without fairly radical surgery, the long-term health of the company might have been in jeopardy.This infantile behaviour is putting the book in jeopardy and makes it very hard to collate info on what's going on.Because in the act of explanation he would have to reveal his past culpability, and this would place him in jeopardy.J., it could put into jeopardy the routine affirmative action moves made by private and public employers nationwide.
From Longman Business Dictionaryjeopardyjeop‧ar‧dy /ˈdʒepədi-ər-/ noun in jeopardy in danger of being lost or harmedWe will not do anything that will put our business in jeopardy.
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