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JesuitJe‧su‧it /ˈdʒezjuɪt $ ˈdʒeʒuɪt, ˈdʒezuɪt/ noun [countable]  RRCa man who is a member of the Roman Catholic Society of Jesus
Examples from the Corpus
JesuitThe city boasted a college of law, established in the sixteenth century, and a Jesuit college.In 1982 Tom celebrated his fiftieth anniversary as a Jesuit, and the parish threw him a party.He is hoping the functions will not attract Manresa's hidden resident - it is supposedly haunted by a Jesuit monk!Perhaps three out of ten who began Jesuit formation stayed the course.Of all parties, it was, ironically, the Jesuits who complained most in Maryland.Shortly before he joined the Jesuits he burned all he had written, as a sacrifice to his vocation.Their written petition gives some indication as to how much the Jesuits had mastered the delicate art of memorializing the emperor.But Pascal, under the influence of Jansenism, was fundamentally hostile to the Jesuits and their notorious sophistries.
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