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jet lag

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jet lagˈjet lag noun [uncountable]  MITIREDthe tired and confused feeling that you can get after flying a very long distance, especially because of the difference in time between the place you left and the place you arrived at I’m suffering from jet lag but I’ll feel better after a good night’s sleep.jet-lagged adjective
Examples from the Corpus
jet lagAromatherapy treatments can also help with problems such as jet lag.Researchers are investigating its ability to induce sleep and combat jet lag.Of course, George may have had jet lag.The first week is hell; jet lag and a sluggish nausea I can't explain.Beyond a quieter plane ride, NoiseBuster is said to lessen the effects of jet lag.The symptoms of jet lag result from a temporary disruption of these rhythms.It's jet lag and it affects nearly everyone on long-haul flights.
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