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jeweljew‧el /ˈdʒuːəl/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 DCJa valuable stone, such as a diamond syn gem2 jewels3 TMCa very small stone used in the machinery of a watch4 BESTLIKE somebody OR somethingsomething or someone that is very valuable, attractive, or important He introduced her to Budapest, a jewel of a city.5 the jewel in the crownTHESAURUSjewel a valuable stone, such as a diamondHe had a large fortune in gold and jewels.the crown jewels (=the crown and other valuable objects worn by the king or queen on important royal occasions)a jewel thiefprecious stone a rare and valuable jewel such as a diamond or an emeraldThe handle of the sword was decorated with precious stones.gem (also gemstone) a jewel that has been cut into a special shapeThe cross had large red gems set into it.Her eyes were shining like gemstones.semi-precious stone a valuable stone, but one that is not as rare or valuable as a diamond, ruby, emerald etcLapis lazuli is a semi-precious stone that was often used by the ancient Egyptians.solitaire technical a single jewel, especially a large diamonda gold ring with a diamond solitaire
Examples from the Corpus
jewelHe assessed her as if he was looking for flaws in a jewel.They compared jewels from the various swords and wondered why some knights had better jewels than others.It had very few jewels in its crown.His eyes burned like red jewels.
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