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jockey/manoeuvre/jostle for position

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjockey/manoeuvre/jostle for positionjockey/manoeuvre/jostle for positionADVANTAGEto try to get an advantage over other people who are all trying to succeed in doing the same thing Firms adopt different strategies as they jockey for position. position
Examples from the Corpus
jockey/manoeuvre/jostle for positionHe stayed in the shadows as he passed the House of Mirrors with its queue stretching outside, everyone jostling for position.Satisfaction and horror jostle for position on his face.Teenage boys, like young bulls in a herd, often jockey for position and want to try out their own strength.They're jockeying for position the moment they see the light at the end of the tunnel.Pigeons there on the parapet opposite, squabbling, jostling for position.As they jockey for position, firms often adopt quite different strategies within the same industry.The paper claims this represents a serious challenge to other Risc vendors jostling for position in the software arena.It's a spectacular sight, as the wildfowl jockey for position to grab the biggest beak or bill full of food.
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