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joggingjog‧ging /ˈdʒɒɡɪŋ $ ˈdʒɑː-/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  DSOthe activity of running slowly and steadily as a way of exercising
Examples from the Corpus
joggingI climb through the year and run a certain amount, but it's gentle jogging.As soon as you can walk well, try some very gentle jogging, running a few paces then walking.His eyes darted along the beach in reckless agony, which no amount of jogging or kayaking was able to dispel.Their policy rehearsals are the political equivalent of jogging.Few older people, approximately 10 - 20 percent, participate in active leisure pursuits such as swimming or jogging.A few hours before game time Thursday afternoon, Jody is out jogging around the marina.A preference for long walks and tennis over jogging or weight training.To smoke is to dissociate oneself from the middle-class health fascists, to say no to jogging and yoghurt and yoga.
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