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Christie, John Reginald Halliday

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishChristie, John Reginald HallidayJohn Reginald Halliday ChristieChristie, John Re‧gi‧nald Hal‧li‧day /dʒɒn ˈredʒənəld ˈhælədeɪ $ dʒɑːn-/  (1898–1953) a British sex killer, who strangled six women, including his wife and some prostitutes, at his home at 10 Rillington Place, West London. Bodies were found hidden in a cupboard, under the floorboards and buried in the garden in 1953. In 1950 Timothy Evans, who lived in a flat at Rillington Place, had been executed after the bodies of his wife and baby were found. At his trial, Christie admitted a seventh killing, that of Mrs Evans, but denied murdering the baby. Christie was executed and Evans was given a posthumous free pardon in 1966.
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