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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjottingsjot‧tings /ˈdʒɒtɪŋz $ ˈdʒɑː-/ noun [plural]  informalREMIND/MAKE somebody REMEMBER short notes, usually written to remind yourself about something her private jottings
Examples from the Corpus
jottingsJust a few jottings on an envelope are better than nothing.Just a few jottings on an interesting rail topic can make useful copy.But within a couple of pages, it's back to the hollow sound of random jottings.That's why I was quite happy to peruse my lady's jottings.Milligan's jottings have often had a strong environmental message as well.So I feel that all these jottings of the past forty years properly belong in a corner of that institution's cellar.Roland asked if it was in order for him to study these jottings.
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