Date: 1100-1200
Language: Old French
Origin: joie, from Latin gaudia


1 noun
joy1 W3
1 [uncountable] great happiness and pleasure:
the look of joy on her face
with/for joy
I leaped into the air with joy.
She wept for joy.
I didn't exactly jump for joy (=I was not very pleased) when I heard the news.
2 [countable] something or someone that gives you happiness and pleasure
joy of
one of the joys of travelling alone
The garden was his pride and joy.
be a joy to watch/drive/use etc
The children's singing was a joy to listen to.

no joy/not any joy

British English spoken if you have no joy, you do not succeed in getting something:
I phoned the pub, but no joy. The landlord didn't know where she was.

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