judg‧ment W2 also judgement British English


[uncountable and countable] an opinion that you form, especially after thinking carefully about something:
It's too soon to make a judgment about what the outcome will be.
In my judgment, we should accept his offer.
pass judgment (on something) (=give your opinion, especially a negative one)
Our aim is to help him, not to pass judgment on what he has done.
I'd advise you to reserve judgment (=not decide your opinion before you have all the facts).
against your better judgment (=even though you do not think it is a sensible thing to do)
I lent him the money, against my better judgment.

ability to decide

[uncountable] the ability to make sensible decisions about what to do and when to do it:
I've known him for years and I trust his judgment.
The minister showed a lack of political judgment.
a decision based on sound judgment (=good judgment)
Watch carefully and use your judgment.

➔ error of judgment

at error (3)


[uncountable and countable] an official decision given by a judge or a court of law:
The company were fined £6 million, following a recent court judgment.

a judgment (on somebody/something)

formal something bad that happens to someone and seems like a punishment for the things they have done wrong

judgment call

American English informal a decision you have to make yourself because there are no fixed rules in a situation

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