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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjudiciaryju‧di‧cia‧ry /dʒuːˈdɪʃəri $ -ʃieri, -ʃəri/ noun   the judiciary
Examples from the Corpus
judiciaryIs the notion of an independent judiciary a sham? 4.The decisive factor in many of these wrangles may be the judiciary.This is a key factor in preserving the Panel's integrity and independence from the judiciary.In a perfect world, presidential campaigns should leave the judiciary alone.Until now the judiciary have expressed their views about the tariff period, tacitly if not expressly, in confidence.The judiciary is a farce: 80 % of prisoners are awaiting trial.The judiciary, not the executive or legislative branches, was the most powerful institution, I decided.
From Longman Business Dictionaryjudiciaryju‧di‧cia‧ry /dʒuːˈdɪʃəri-ʃieri, -ʃəri/ noun [singular]LAW all the judges in a countryIt is important to preserve an independent judiciary.the Federal judiciary
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