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juicyjuic‧y /ˈdʒuːsi/ ●●○ adjective (comparative juicier, superlative juiciest)  1 DFDELICIOUScontaining a lot of juice a juicy lemon2 juicy gossip/details/stories etc3 informalJOB/WORK involving work that is enjoyable and satisfying She’s been trying to get a really juicy role for years.4 informalMONEY involving a lot of money a big juicy chequejuiciness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
juicyI like my steaks to be tender, juicy, and full of flavour.She's been waiting for years to get a really juicy role.a juicy steakAs a starter, we had delicious juicy tomatoes stuffed with rice.
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