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jukeboxjuke‧box /ˈdʒuːkbɒks $ -bɑːks/ noun [countable]  DLa machine in bars, restaurants etc that plays music when you put money in it
Examples from the Corpus
jukeboxBefore long every ghetto became a set and every soundstage a jukebox.Drives for these disks cost from £1,000 to about £3,000, with huge jukeboxes costing as much as £250,000.Memphis, I thought you was gon na get you a new jukebox.The man used to come twice a week to collect the jukebox.Pop music pounded from the jukebox.They were dancing, a few of them, to the music on the jukebox.You could have played the jukebox or something.Within the Swan the jukebox was belting out a deafening selection of hits from the early sixties.
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