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jump ship

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjump shipjump shipTTW a) to leave an organization that you are working for, especially in order to join another The best employees jumped ship at the first opportunity. b) to leave a ship on which you are working as a sailor, without permission jump
Examples from the Corpus
jump shipBefore that happened, Ventura himself jumped ship.My first commitment is to Aprilia and I don't intend to jump ship.Recruits in the big firms frequently jump ship.Sam seriously injured the fellow, and was then compelled to jump ship.Fox jumped ship after Modesty Blaise in 1966.Precious few traders were invited to return to Salomon after they had jumped ship, but Dipasquale was made an exception.Does this mean Accord and Camry owners will be jumping ship for Chevrolet?Many workers will jump ship if their employers try to limit their bonus.Harley would have them jump ship just as it's pulling into the dock.
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